Website Analytics

Start Using Data for Insight

Using Web Analytics is an effective tool to continuously track and monitor your online campaigns. Using a tool such as Google Analytics, you can get statistics about how many visitors have visited your website, the amount of time they are on the site, where they entered and exited your site and more.

Set Up Conversion Goals

If you are trying to get people to do perform a certain action on your website, you can set a goal such as downloading a PDF, filling out a form, buying your product, etc. Some ways to help make this happen could possibly entail doing A/B testing on your site, adding or removing content, use Google Adwords or Google Display Network, social media and more.

Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is determined when someone enters a page on your website and then leave that same page without interacting with another page. Having a high bounce rate, over 70% for example, may imply that your content is either irrelevant to the user, there's too little content, or could even be too much content that is poorly organized. By adjusting content, keywords, page title, re-structuring the page, your bounce rate could be improved to a more appropriate level, such as 30-45%.